San Pedro one tree tree house

Front of tree house
Left view of tree house
Right view of tree house
Roof of tree house

San Pedro treehouse guide

This treehouse is built in a single tree, which provides a dramatic setting for the structure. As with most single tree treehouses this design wraps around the trunk but unlike the Kauri design the trunk passes inside the treehouse itself. This helps to enhance the experience of being up in a tree and makes an unusual focal point in a playhouse or office. The two side windows are projected out from the walls to form seats and increase the space inside. There are no complicated techniques to learn, no tricky joints to master and all the materials are readily available.

Tree requirements

This guide requires a single, healthy tree with a diameter between 1' and 1'8". The trunk must be within 5° of vertical. The supports will need an area of cleared space 6' below floor level and branches above floor level may need to be trimmed to make space for the treehouse. This treehouse can also be built next to a larger tree using partial post support, or can be built entirely on posts if you have no suitable trees - please contact us for guidance.

The tree is treated with respect throughout the building process. Only the supports are fixed to the tree so the house itself rests entirely on the platform without touching the tree. Bolts are precisely placed for strength, safety and to reduce any restriction to the growth of the tree. This ensures that the tree will remain healthy.


A customer sent in this slideshow of their completed build of the San Pedro treehouse. The guide that you can buy is for the main house only - the bridge and second platform shown have been added by the builder. There are some minor differences between the treehouse shown and the design in the guide, but the shape and size are the same.

Sample pages

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Sample pages

Customer photo gallery

San Pedro with shingles

San Pedro with ladder

Inside the San Pedro treehouse