Outpost tree fort for one tree

Front of fort
Underneath the deck
Aerial view of the fort
Back right view

Outpost tree fort guide

An open fort with steps and a ladder, designed as a retreat for young and old alike. The Outpost fort uses an extra support behind the tree to provide a larger floor area than the Terrazza design and includes trapdoor access from a suspended landing reached by ladder. There are no complicated techniques to learn, no tricky joints to master and all the materials are readily available.

Tree requirements

This guide requires a single, healthy tree with a diameter between 1' and 2'. The trunk must be within 5° of vertical. The supports will need an area of cleared space 6' below floor level and branches above floor level may need to be trimmed to make space for the fort.

The tree is treated with respect throughout the building process. Only the necessary supports are bolted to the tree - the fort then rests entirely on these supports. Bolts are precisely placed for strength, safety and to minimise any restriction to the growth of the tree. This ensures that the tree will remain healthy.

Sample pages

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